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Create apps with MnCreator

MnCreator is a platform designed to provide you with intuitive visual tools to create beautiful interactive applications with no programming skills required. We took care of support for a huge variety of devices, your imagination is the only limit.


With our intuitive graphic interface you can build your first project literally in one evening!


The engine is optimized to consume minimum of system resources. Apps created with MnCreator run smoothly even on older devices.

100% cross-platform

When we say cross-platform it we mean it. Whether you want to create your app for a PC, tablet, smartphone or microwave, just add pictures, audio, sprinkle with some fancy transitions and MnCreator will take care of the rest.

Start creating right now!

Main features of MnCreator


Application consists of unlimited number of scenes, each of which is filled with graphics and animations.

Objects and plug-ins

Add any types of objects, starting with simple pictures, sounds, texts and finishing with difficult dynamic objects like coloring and puzzles.

Animation of objects

Create a live picture: animate any objects and their parameters independently (or dependently) from other properties and objects.

Interaction with the user

Make applications interactive: it is possible to not only twist and move any objects, but also to press them, and set any complex conditions of playing animations.

Safety and Stability

MnCreator has build-in tools for controling your data: continuous automatic backup, storage of more than 100 recent actions and automatic error handling.


The creator works with any personal computer (Windows, Linux, Mac), and engine works on any device, adapting for the device performance, size and resolution of its screen.

MnCreator can help you create:

Training applications and presentations

Content applications

Classic comics with minimum interactivity

Live, completely interactive applications

Motion-comics and video courses

(In development)

For whom is MnCreator developed?


Bring pictures and illustrations to life by the means of sound, animation and interactive actions. Create interactive artbooks, comics and earn money by selling your creations.


Create interactive books, stories, and let your readers dive in the atmosphere the way you envisioned.

Publishing house

Transfer your editions to the new formats to attract more customers.

Teacher and lecturer

Create interactive training applications or presentations. Surprise your listeners with unusual approach to education.


Earn by means of MnCreator: develop mobile applications, interactive presentations, animated banners for customers.


Realise your ideas: there are no limits to express yourself with help of MnCreator.

MnCreator is for you too!


Check out magnificent applications already created by means of MnCreator. Perhaps, yours is next?


MnCreator comes with a built-in knowledge base and interactive lessons that will allow you to explore every aspect of the tool.

Download MnCreator

Choose your operating system to start downloading archive with the application. MnCreator is on the open beta-test stage currently, so we will be glad to know about any questions or issues which can occur during your work with MnCreator.


Please feel free to contact us. Feedback is welcome too.