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MnCreator is a platform designed to provide you with intuitive visual tools to create beautiful interactive applications with no programming skills required. We took care of support for a huge variety of devices, your imagination is the only limit.

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    Oakhome is an educational app for children that teaches about life and habits of forest dwellers. Lots of animals, birds, insects and plants inhabit the many different “floors” of an old oak. Now your child can get to know them while playing and learning at the same time.

  • The Charms of Harms

    The Charms of Kharms is an interactive app featuring Daniil Kharms’ children’s poetry translated into English. Meet a big-bellied samovar, a tiger who walks on the street, and a notorious liar and his 39 brothers. Absurdist texts accompanied by hand-drawn illustrations and games will bring lots of fun to you and your child.

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  • Project image

    Tales Inside

    Tales Inside is a book for the little ones written by Nadezhda Scherbakova. We proudly present you an interactive App and a print version. This collection of the kindest, most wonderful stories with colorful illustrations, fun games, and animated characters will surely charm your child.


MnCreator comes with a built-in knowledge base and interactive lessons that will allow you to explore every aspect of the tool.

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